So believe it or not, I’ve got a webcomic story I’ve had in my head for 11 years now. I’ve never done it because I couldn’t get the right art style, and then find the right story point to start it off, then trying to panel stuff in a way I could cope with(paneling for me is hard, believe it or  not) as well as returning to college to improve my storytelling abilities I’m back to working on this on the side now trying to build it up.

This was the first story I ever came up with, but its taken the longest to get it going for some reason(Life prolly) but the funny thing is that pretty much all the other characters from my other projects like Joy, Tankmen/2XXX are built off the Redhead really.

My problem is that it takes me forever to get ANYTHING done right now. My focus is a little off(more so than usual) so I’ve taken up the concept of simplicity here. Maybe its because I’ve been doing toony stuff for so long that its stuck with me, but I find it easy and pleasing.

So I don’t think I’ll be releasing RedHead until I have a bare minimum of 15 chapters finished, once I get to that point I’ll release the first 3 chapters simultaneously, then I’ll do a once a month update(not sure how many pages per chapter yet).

However until that time I’m planning on releasing the first chapter(once I finish it) as a reward on my patreon page. I’m guestimating the first chapter will be over 25 pages(Pages are 4 panels each.) but I don’t know just yet. I figure I’ll look at making the reward $3.00 or so.

First 5 pages are almost done. I’m hoping to get at least another 12 or so pages done before the months end if I can.