I’ve been drawing since I was about 3 years old, so thats about 33 years now, everything I draw digitally is by mouse and rarely involves storyboarding and is somewhat off the cuff. I find that seems to help things organically in terms of pacing..for whatever reason.
I’ve been creating content on the web for about 10 years now, I started on newgrounds back in 2006 or so and have had luck here and there with my work. I’m mostly self taught, other than a few flash animation courses I took at my community college back in 03′.
I’ve got an A.A in film production, that I haven’t used really, and have an A.A in screenwriting,a skill I use pretty regularly to varying degrees of success…Screenwriting is a hard skill to work at when you’re dyslexic and grammar and spelling arent a strong point.
I love horror, classic movies, and anime. I grew up on them when I was younger and they’re big influences on my work. I hate mayonnaise, double standards and PC culture.
In fact PC culture is why I have my own website now, you cant go anywhere and not have to deal with political correctness, or SJWs, or any of that ridiculous shit and I had enough of it.Political correctness is death to creativity and it seems the only way to be creative and not deal with these lunatics is to have your own small site where, so here I am.
Y’all clusterfucks can have the rest of the internet, but this is mine.