Welcome to the 2XXX section of my site. 2XXX is a spin off of the newgrounds famous tankmen characters, of which I had created a few of my own several years ago and had a lot of fun with them. But over the years the story I wanted to tell with these characters went from dumb, to dramatic, to dark .

So I ended up just taking the 3 characters I had created for this Tankmen universe and gave them their own story and world and, well its taken forever and a day but now its real(in the sense there is a proof of concept toon for everyone to see).

2xxx beta

This was the original episode 0 of the series…but it wasn’t working for me and real life stepped in and its just a beta toon. I left in all kinds of annotations to explain why this toon didn’t work if you’re interested.


Here is episode zero of the series, it’s more of a music video than anything but it shows off the lead character and her abilities as well as the world, or whats left of it. It gives you an idea at least of what to expect in the future.